Sheepsfoot Folding Knife


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A traditional shape for safety and a consummate rigging knife, the Boye Sheepsfoot Folder is perfect for everyday jobs, in white knuckle situations when you're being slammed around on boat or in critical rescue conditions where you need to part a line quickly. The Sheepsfoot Folder has a blunt tip for minimal risk of accidentally piercing someone with a sharp tip in urgent situations. This knife is easy to carry and deploy and can be opened and closed with either hand. It will cut virtually any line - quickly, cleanly, and safely. It can be used for hours on end and still cut effectively and repeatedly, will never rust in salt water, and is non magnetic, so it won't affect a compass or electronics. 

The Boye Sheepsfoot Folder was rated #1 Boat Knife by Practical Sailor, top scoring in criteria such as cutting, portability, deployment, magnetic interference, corrosion resistance, and affordability. Not included in this test was the all-important category of long term edge holding. In our opinion, that's one of the essential features of a good boat knife, and that's where Boye Dendritic Cobalt knives really excel.

The Boye Sheepsfoot folder has a 3" blade, is 7" in length overall, and weighs just 2.5 oz.  

We offer two blade finishes:  As-Cast and Polished

A "field grade," wear resistant finish, the As-Cast blade bears the markings of its fiery birth. The blade takes on casting flow lines and the natural grain texture of the porcelain mold, giving it an organic look. The irregularities and patterns are superficial and make each knife unique.

The Polished finish blade is ground by hand. The internal carbide crystal formations in the blade are clearly visible in the frost-like damask on the blade surface.

Both blade types have a smooth, tumble polished finish.

"Blown Away"

"We had the opportunity to use the Boye sheepsfoot folder while splicing some line on the foredeck, and we were both just totally blow away at the performance. It is nice to have a low profile, light and versatile tool while also having the level of security the Boye knife provides in the event of an emergency. I am a Boye owner for life!" - Jennifer R.

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