Photon Freedom Microlight

1" long and 1/4 oz

The Photon Freedom Micro LED is an easy to use, bright, full featured waterproof LED micro-light.  Whether on land or at sea, we seriously recommend putting this light on the lanyard loop of your Boye folder and leaving it there!    

  • Waterproof to IPX-7 standards
  • Turquoise ("Night-Vision Green") LED beam.  Brighter than red for night vision preservation.
  • 12+ hour replaceable battery run time
  • 4.5 lumens with brightness control
  • Visible up to a mile away
  • Works in subzero temperatures
  • One button operation provides:
  • Instant full power for 5 seconds, then shuts off
  • 3 strobe beacons
  • S.O.S. mode
  • Signal mode

Made in USA

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