Boye Dendritic Cobalt Blades

The Boye Dendritic Cobalt (BDC) Difference:  A New Kind of Blade 

Boye Dendritic Cobalt is a super-performing, investment cast non-rusting cobalt alloy.  It excels on tough fibers such as hi-tech rigging line, deck and anchor line, and net.  Not a steel, it cuts aggressively and keeps cutting, is completely impervious to seawater corrosion, and is non-magnetic.  

Investment Cast Blades

Boye blades are made differently than other knives.  Each Boye blade starts out as a wax model, and a hard porcelain shell is built up around it.  Molten Cobalt Alloy 6 is poured into the shell, melting out the wax ("lost wax"), and taking shape as a blade as it cools inside the cavity.  A dense dendritic network of fully bonded, hard carbide crystals grows and solidifies throughout the blade.  Dendritic means "tree-like," and describes the natural branching pattern of the crystal formations.  Each blade has its own one-of-kind formations, so no two blades are alike.

Carbide Crystals and the Dendritic Cutting Effect

The cutting edge of each Boye knife has "micro-serrations," produced by the alternation of the hard carbide crystals and the softer surrounding cobalt matrix.  The carbide crystals function like rebar, maintaining the shape and integrity of the edge over time, and are extremely wear resistant.  They are the reason why Boye blades have such an amazing ability to cut long, deep, fast, and clean, and keep on going through hundreds of cuts of tough line.  Sharpening exposes a fresh row of carbide micro-serrations ready to go to work.


A microscopic picture of a Boye knife blade showing dendritic carbide crystals at 200X magnification.  The white areas are the carbides, bonded to the cobalt matrix.


Extreme Edge Holding and No Rust

  • Denser and stronger than any steel, cuts phenomenally better and longer
  • Unbroken, fully bonded carbide crystals throughout the metallurgy with carbide teeth along the cutting edge
  • Never, ever rusts in seawater 
  • Non-magnetic, does not influence a compass or other magnetic equipment, including MRI’s

Seeing is Believing

Check our cutting demo videos using notoriously tough 1/2” Endura Braid and a Boye sheepsfoot folder (89 cuts) and Boye Basic 3 (76 cuts).  In both cases, the knife was cutting just as well - and clean - at the end of the test as at the beginning.  (We ran out of rope, or we would have just kept on cutting!)  There are boat knives on the market that cannot go through this difficult-to-cut line even once.