Boye Cobalt Basic 3 Fixed Blade

The Boye Cobalt Basic 3 Fixed Blade is a powerful working knife, designed for maximum versatility, strength, and compactness.  An all around survival knife, it excels in the ocean environment, where it cuts tough line like butter, keeps cutting for hours, sharpens quickly, never rusts, and won't affect a compass.  This combination of key features is unique in the knife industry.  As you use the Basic 3 it quickly becomes apparent what a useful and sublime multi-tool it really is, with a wide range of applications.



Boye Dendritic Cobalt blade and handle for unsurpassed edge holding, material penetration, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening.

Watch cutting demo of Boye Basic 3 cutting 13 mm Endura Braid

Practical Blade Shape

The Basic 3 has a "dropped edge" blade design - the edge drops down below the fingers forming a finger guard.  With this design, the entire edge is brought into service for the most common action of a knife - cutting down onto a flat surface, while the fingers are kept safely out of the way. This concentrates pressure along the whole length of the edge, empowering the cut.


 I-Beam Strength

Cast in one unbreakable piece of Boye Dendritic Cobalt, the Basic 3 has I-beam anatomy to minimize weight.

Scrape Edges

The back of the blade is ground to form two sharp 90 degree angles, tough "scrape edges," which can be used to scrape paint, plastic, fiberglass, wood, or most other rough surfaces, including rust on metal. The scrape edges can be sharpened on the same whetstone as the blade, and take a new edge quickly.

Multi-Functional:  Cut, Pry, Hammer

The Basic 3 also works as a wedge and a pry bar (with care).  The butt of the handle and the back of the blade can also be used for hammering. 

Sharpening Angle Guides

The sharpening angle guides are at the base of the blade and provide guidance for placing the blade at the correct angle on a stone.

Wrapped Cord Grip

The cord wrap on the handle is a 7 foot piece of 225 lb test strength accessory cord.  Aside from providing a long lasting, good grip, the cord can be cut off for emergency use for anything from a fish jigger to a tourniquet.

Kydex-lined Sheath

The Basic 3 sheath is slim, discreet, and lies flat against the body, making it easy to move around in tight quarters.  The velcro flap can either be closed over the handle or folded backwards and tucked in for easy deployment.  The knife slides into the sheath with the blade facing in either direction. The Kydex liner fits snugly into the webbed pouch, and pulls out for cleaning.  It can be spread open and rinsed or shaken out so sand and dirt won't build up over time and dull the tip.

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• Solid, one piece Boye Dendritic Cobalt blade/handle
• Integral I-beam construction for lightness and strength
• Dropped edge design forms a fingerguard and provides finger clearance for working against or down on a board
• Flat profile (1/4" thick) for easy carry
• Great balance
• 1.3" scrape edges on back of blade  
• Sharpening angle guides at base of blade 
• Comfortable, hand-wrapped accessory cord handle grip useful in emergency 
• Excellent for hi-tech rigging line or a fouled prop and for chopping, scraping, carving, carpentry, etc.
• 4" blade, 8" overall length, weighs 5.6 oz (7.4 oz in the sheath)
• Pointed or rounded tip models
• Made by hand in the USA
Sheath with Velcro closure
• Black polypropylene pouch with tough Kydex liner
• Two sets of belt/strap loops for horizontal or vertical carry
• Discreet, low profile appearance, flat carry
• Can be carried either closed or open for convenience and quick access (flap folds back and can tucked in)
• Knife slides into sheath for left or right hand deployment
• Kydex liner pulls out for easy cleaning
• Hood can be folded back (under the belt) for quick access and convenience
• 1.8 oz

    Using the Basic 3 On Your Boat

    Working with lines: If you don't have easy control of the lines, control of the boat itself can be compromised. No other metallurgy that we know of outcuts or stands up to high tech lines like dendritic cobalt. Cleaner cuts make for better splicing. The Cobalt Basic 3 has a superb edge and keeps it.

    Easy carry: The flat shape of the knife and sheath will be appreciated especially in tight quarters. The knife can be worn on a belt vertically, with the hood open (folded back) to be handy and visible, or securely closed, or deployed horizontally.

       This knife cuts phenomenally, keeps its edge and won't rust!