Cutting Demos

Many people believe that a test of a good knife edge is that it shaves arm hair.

At Boye Knives we believe and demonstrate that a good knife edge is one that KEEPS CUTTING through hundreds of cuts of tough line.  That's real cutting power!

 Sheepsfoot Folder Cutting 13 mm Endura Braid

  • 89 clean cuts in 8 minutes
  • No resharpening
  • Knife still sharp at the end of the test


BASIC 3 Cutting 13 mm Endura Braid

  • 76 clean cuts in 8.5 minutes
  • No resharpening
  • Knife still sharp at the end of the test


Sailing Magazine Cutting Test


Serrated Boye Sheepsfoot Folder Cutting 8 kinds of Hi-Tech Rigging Lines 

  • 164 clean cuts in 8 minutes
  • No resharpening
  • No perceptible loss of sharpness at the end of the test!

Lines cut for 1 minute in the order below with a Boye sheepsfoot knife

Spect-Set II Spectra Braid, 12 m 21 cuts
Kev-Kord -- 5/32" (9 strands together) 20 cuts
Z-Tech PBO Zylon Double Braid, 14mm 20 cuts
Sta-Set Polyester Yacht Braid, 3/4" 20 cuts
Sta-Set X Lite Spectra Braid, 3/8" 28 cuts
T-900 Technora/ Spectra Braid, 16mm 16 cuts
Regatta Lite Poly Braid, 9 mm 34 cuts
Nylon Megabraid, 1-1/2" 5 cuts
TOTAL 164 cuts

Sheepsfoot Folder Cutting 3/4" Nylon Deck Line

Over 1,500 clean cuts in 3 days 


At a Strictly Sail Show in Oakland, California, we staged a cutting demo with a Boye sheepsfoot folder, a coil of 3/4" nylon deck line, and a tally counter. Show visitors were invited to join in the cutting, and we continued cutting throughout the show, with no resharpening!

On the last day of the show, a show attendee who was cutting said that he felt that it was time to sharpen the knife. The blade was still cutting cleanly, but not as easily.  We sharpened the blade on the corner of a 4" x 1" soft Arkansas stone, 10 firm strokes and 2 or 3 deburring (flat) passes on the back. This all took a total of about 10 seconds!

The attendee couldn't believe that the knife could have been resharpened so fast. When he started cutting, he readily admitted that the knife was performing like a sharp knife. We cut another 250 cuts with the knife that day until closing time.  Our tally counter at the end of the show - over 1,500 cuts total.


The World's Cutting Record?

3,000 cuts of 1" hemp rope

No resharpening

Over a 3 day period, David Boye cut 3,000 pieces of 1" hemp rope with an 8" Boye Dendritic Stainless chef's knife, without resharpening the edge.  Boye's breakthrough discovery of dendritic metallurgy in the early 1980's has revolutionized blade performance.