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An all-around utility shape for everyday tasks, both on land and at sea, the Boye Pointed Tip Folder has a leaf-shaped, dropped point utility blade with Moran grind geometry.  This is your basic sidekick, a working knife that is 100% there and ready to perform when you need it. It's light, flat, and easy to keep with you, and easy to carry and deploy with either hand.  

You could be on a quest for a lost city a hundred miles from nowhere, or just on your way to work, and this knife in your pocket will come through time after time for all sorts of jobs. It is great on a boat, in a car, on a motorcycle, on a horse, up a telephone pole, on a farm, in a laboratory, on an Antarctic expedition, or hiking in the desert. It is good underwater, for self defense, carpentry, and carving. A consummate survival tool, with this ultra performing 3" blade you can make other tools and shelter as the situation requires.  It says “You have me. We can do anything!”

The Boye Dendritic Cobalt blade has 3 scalloped serrations to expedite cutting rope, net, and other tough materials, and 2/3 non serrated for everything else. The entire edge, serrated and plain, has carbide "microserrations" formed by the alternation of totally bonded hard carbide formations and the surrounding cobalt matrix. So even with the plain edge portion you experience an enhanced degree of cutting power that is not available in other knives.

The Boye Pointed Tip folder has a 3" blade, is 7" in length overall, and weighs just 2.5 oz.

We offer two blade finishes:  As-Cast and Polished  

A "field grade," wear resistant finish, the As-Cast blade bears the markings of its fiery birth. The blade takes on casting flow lines and the natural grain texture of the porcelain mold, giving it an "organic" look. The irregularities and patterns are superficial and make each knife unique.

The Polished finish blade is ground by hand.  The internal carbide crystal formations in the blade are clearly visible in the frost-like damask on the blade surface.   

Both blade types have a smooth, tumble polished finish.


"Almost weightless. I had no idea that it would be so light. Thank you." Josh S.

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