“Money is nothing compared to a knife that holds an edge and doesn’t affect a compass”
When your safety is at stake, don’t sell yourself short! Buy quality

Stop over-consumerism by buying a knife in a choosy way that won’t degrade or frustrate



PICTURE OF SHEEPSFOOT FOLDER (Straight blade, blunt tip)

Rated #1 Boat Knife by Practical Sailor (LINK TO REVIEW)

A traditional shape for safety and a consummate rigging knife, the Sheepsfoot Folder is perfect for white knuckle situations when you're being slammed around on a boat and you need to part a line without injuring yourself or others. The Boye Sheepsfoot has a blunt tip, critical for freeing lines or people in fast moving conditions, or removing a seatbelt or tightly wound rope with minimal risk of accidentally piercing someone with a sharp tip.   This knife is easy to carry and deploy and can be opened and closed with either hand. It will part virtually any line - quickly, cleanly, and safely.  It can be used for hours on end and still cut effectively and repeatedly.  See our video demo on this knife cutting hard-to-cut Endura Braid/Dyneema.

The Boye sheepsfoot folder was rated #1 Boat Knife by Practical Sailor, the top magazine for product testing in the marine industry.  In a test done in 2000, 14 top brands of boat and rigging knives were compared.  The Boye sheepsfoot received the top overall score with criteria such as cutting, portability, deployment, magnetic interference, corrosion resistance, and affordability.  Not included in this test was the all important category of long term edge holding.  In our opinion, that is one of the essential features of a good boat knife, and that's where Boye Dendritic Cobalt knives really excel.

The tough titanium marlinspike swivels out from the handle to a stop pin.

The scalloped serrations are incredibly effective at cutting rope. They stay sharp, and sharpen fast and easily on an ordinary whetstone. 

"We had the opportunity to use the Boye sheepsfoot folder while splicing some line on the foredeck, and we were both just totally blow away at the performance. It is nice to have a low profile, light and versatile tool while also having the level of security the Boye knife provides in the event of an emergency."  - Jennifer R.  



The Pointed Tip Folder has a leaf-shaped, dropped point utility blade with a Moran style grind.  It's light, flat, and useful, and easy to keep with you.  

The Boye Dendritic Cobalt blade has 3 scalloped serrations to expedite cutting rope, net, and other tough materials, and 2/3 non serrated for everything else.  SERRATIONS PAGE With our dendritic cobalt metallurgy, the entire edge, serrated and plain, has carbide "microserrations" formed by the alternation of hard carbide crystals and the surrounding strong, but softer cobalt matrix.  So even with the plain edge portion you experience an enhanced degree of cutting power that is not available in other knives.  It's easy to carry and deploy with either hand.

"Almost weightless.  I had no idea that it would be so light.  Thank you."   Josh S.

This is your basic sidekick, an all-around working knife that will come through time after time for all sorts of jobs. It is great on a horse, in a car, on an oxcart, motorcycle, on a farm, up a telephone pole, in a laboratory, on an Arctic expedition, or hiking in the desert. It is good underwater, for self defense, carpentry, and carving. A consummate survival tool, with this ultra performing 3" blade you can make other tools and shelter as the situation requires.  The scrape edge on the spine makes an emergency drill that is very effective on wood and plastic to a depth of 1-3", 1" in diameter. 

At a glance this knife doesn’t look expensive or threatening, but simple and plain. It says “I’m a tool.”  To its person it says - “You have me. We can do anything!” You could be on a quest for a lost city, a hundred miles from nowhere, or just on your way to work and this knife, in your pocket, is 100% there and ready to perform when you need it.


Can't decide between the sheepsfoot and the pointed tip?  Having both styles will cover the full spectrum of your active life demands - the Sheepsfoot as your go-to safety knife, and the Pointed Tip as your favorite companion tool.



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The Pointed Tip has a 3" blade, is 7" in length, and weighs 2.2 oz.




Features Of The Boye Cobalt Folder