Unpublished photos and videos we want to make

Scrape edge - scrape paint, drill holes, shape wood and how to sharpen scrape edge

Sharpening video


Basic 3 - unwrapped handle to show I beam

Basic 3 - sharpening angle guides


One hand opening and closing and deployment

Video demonstration of the affect on a compass with a steel blade and ours

Demonstration of the marlinspike and shackle key - opening the spike and going into the knot

Salt water immersion

Cutting demo with sheepsfoot has images at the end that we need deleted

Photon light demo - waterproof - immersed in water for 2 weeks

Under Boye Dendritic Cobalt Blades there is a section that refers to David's article on the dendritic cutting effect.  Since we don't have that article yet, there is no link in that section, but one should be put in when we do.


Making the Basic 3 into a spear