Boye Cobalt Lockback Folding Knives: Power in Your Pocket

Everything You Want and Need in a Knife at Sea and Ashore

Lightweight and slim, super sharp with an edge that won't quit, permanently rustproof, quick deployment with either hand opening and closing - these folders will prove themselves over and over again as the working tool of choice.
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Built for a Great User Experience

Extreme edge holding 

Boye Dendritic Cobalt blade with carbide crystals for unsurpassed edge holding and fast, clean cuts.  Sharpens quickly and easily on an ordinary whetstone.  

Boye Sheepsfoot Folder Cuts 1/2" Endura braid.  See our cutting demonstrations.

No rust, ever

The blade and all fittings will never rust, even after months or decades at sea, or through miles of marathons and hard workouts.   

Non-magnetic; compass safe

Does not pick up a magnetic charge, and so cannot affect a compass or sensitive electronics 

Sharpen in seconds

Sharpening is fast (but rarely needed).  Knifemaker David sharpens his daily carry once or twice a year with just a few strokes on the whetstone.

Lightweight and compact

Surprisingly light at 2.5 oz, the knife has a slim profile that lies flat against the body and won't get hung up while you're moving around.  

Either hand opening and closing

The blade can easily be opened and closed using either the right or left hand. The flat base at the bottom of the blade keeps fingers safe and away from the cutting edge when the blade is being closed. 

Scrape Edges

The back of the folder blade is ground to form two sharp 90 degree angles, tough "scrape edges," which can be used to scrape paint, plastic, fiberglass, wood, or most other rough surfaces, including rust on metal. On the Pointed Tip Folder, the combination of the blade edge and the scrape edges work in tandem to drill holes. The scrape edges can be sharpened on the same whetstone as the blade, and take a new edge quickly. 

Scalloped Serrations

Incredibly effective at endurance cutting, the serrations stay sharp and take a fresh edge quickly on an ordinary whetstone.

As-Cast Finish

The as-cast blade bears the impressions of its birth from a molten state. The blade takes on superficial metal flow lines and the natural grain texture of the porcelain mold as it cools.  The surface is smooth to the touch and does not trap dirt or food.

Safe Grip Handle

Made of strong, fiberglass-filled nylon (Zytel), the handle design keeps the index finger safely away from the knife edge and is textured for a no-slip grip.  It feels natural in the hand and doesn't force a specific grip.  

The handle stays at a comfortable temperature under all conditions, so doesn't feel hot or cold to the touch.

The textured pattern is a magnified picture (300 X) of the carbide crystals in the blade. 

Boye Dent

The blade release bar, also known as the rocker arm, has a scallop-shaped recess (the "Boye Dent"), preventing accidental disengagement of the blade when the handle is gripped tightly.

Titanium Clip

Forged 2 point titanium pocket clip (Chris Reeve design) keeps the knife held firmly, yet allows for quick deployment with either hand.  

Lanyard Loop

100 lb test 304 stainless lanyard loop for tethers or accessories.  Doesn't swivel into the path of the closing blade.  A Photon Freedom Micro LED is highly recommended on the loop!  

Titanium Marlinspike/Shackle Key/Multitool

The Marlinspike/Shackle Key/Multitool (the "spike") greatly expands the usefulness of the knife.  The flat sides and edge do the work of prying large and small knots open. A round spike can slide sideways, and doesn’t have the same ability to grip and unlock a really tight knot. It also separates strands for splicing, pries up boards, opens and closes shackles, and works hard at the many tasks that the blade should not be called on to do.

The spike lies flat on the handle, doesn't hang up in the pocket, feels smooth against the hand in use, and improves the grip.  It swivels open under finger pressure to a strong anchor stop pin, facing in the correct direction to unscrew shackle keys that are stuck closed. The handle of the knife doubles as the handle of the spike, providing plenty of leverage when the spike is open to maneuver, press into hard knots, or loosen tight shackles. It rotates to a closed position stop pin and stays firmly in place until the next use. 

The spike will pry up to 200 lb (be careful) and can serve as a digging tool when you really need one. The shackle key is a wrench for anything that will fit in it.

“I use the spike twice as much as I use the blade." - Eric A., car mechanic

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Boye Folder Features at a Glance

  • Blade and rocker arm made of Boye Dendritic Cobalt
  • Extreme cutting and edge holding; out cuts any steel
  • All parts - blade and fittings - will never rust in salt water
  • Non-magnetic, so won't affect a compass or sensitive electronics, including MRI!
  • Fast sharpening on a soft or medium whetstone
  • Minimalist, lightweight, only 2.5 oz
  • Flat profile eliminates bulges and bulk
  • 3" blade; 4" handle
  • Blade locks open and snaps closed under spring tension
  • Smooth one hand opening and closing with either hand
  • Strong, no slip textured Zytel® handle (fiberglass-filled nylon)
  • Titanium Marlinspike/Shackle key/Multitool 
  • Firm holding forged 2 point titanium pocket clip
  • 100 lb test 304 stainless lanyard loop
  • Indented release bar prevents accidental blade closure
  • Scrape edges on back of blade 
  • Blade can be taken out for cleaning 
  • Quality hand craftsmanship in all stages of fabrication
  • Superior, satisfying functionality from every day carry to challenging expeditions
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Lifetime guarantee for workmanship and materials