Practical Sailor - Boye Sheepsfoot Folder Rated #1 Boat Knife

"Sailor's Knives: 14 High-End Blades Tested. The Boye Dendritic Cobalt 'Prophet' tops the scoring, followed by three excellent models from Benchmade."

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Practical Sailor - Basic 3 knife review

"These knives doggedly retain a cutting edge when going through tough, blade-resistant materials like rope, cardboard, or even old rugs. Others give up long before the job is done. In our experience, Boye's cobalt knives last much longer - and when they finally do slow down, they can be resharpened with just a few strokes on a medium stone. The difference, we reason, is in the metallurgy."

Basic 3 Knife Review

Sail Magazine

"...I have never seen a blade - of any material - sever synthetic cordage like dendritic cobalt, nor have I ever seen a blade that simply wants to cut like this one..."

Sailing Magazine Knife Test

The Boye Cobalt Basic 3 cut the line in one stroke so easily that it surprised the knife handler. 

Blue Water Sailing

"The best sailor's knife we have ever used"


Sailing Magazine South Africa Review of the Boye Dendritic Cobalt Sheepsfoot Folder

Every sailor should carry a knife at all times, yet so many are complacent and end up believing that the responsibility for having a knife easily accessible lies with the skipper or boat owner.

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Good Old Boat

"Very sophisticated, light-weight design"

Blade Magazine

"Cobalt-Carbide-Crystal Cutter: Boye's Cobalt Dendritic blade packs a powerful performance punch in a corrosion-resistant package."

-Blade Magazine, Breed, Kim, MSG, 5th Special Forces (Ret.) February 1999.

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