About Boye

Boye Knives specializes in high performance cobalt alloy knives especially suited to the salt water environment.  We have been handcrafting knives in the USA since 1971, when David Boye began making knives in his backyard from recycled sawmill blades.  In 1975 he authored his now-classic text, Step by Step Knifemaking: You Can Do It.  He is recognized as one of the major influences in modern custom knife making. 

Through the years, David's inventiveness, design sense, and refined craftsmanship have produced beautiful, practical works of art. He revolutionized traditional blade making with his breakthrough discovery of cast dendritic metallurgy in the early '80's, setting new cutting records.  In the late '90's, he began working exclusively with Boye Dendritic Cobalt because of its superior cutting abilities and corrosion resistance.  Read the long version here.

The Boye knife shop is located in Dolan Springs, Arizona, a Joshua tree forest about 90 minutes from Las Vegas and an hour from the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  Below is a view from the shop.