Folding Boating and Rescue Sheepsfoot with Titanium Marlinspike
Folding Boating and Rescue Sheepsfoot with Titanium Marlinspike
Folding Boating and Rescue Sheepsfoot with Titanium Marlinspike
Folding Boating and Rescue Sheepsfoot with Titanium Marlinspike
Folding Boating and Rescue Sheepsfoot with Titanium Marlinspike
Folding Boating and Rescue Sheepsfoot with Titanium Marlinspike

Folding Boating and Rescue Sheepsfoot with Titanium Marlinspike

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PLEASE NOTE:  Our folders are made to order, and there is currently a one week wait before the order is shipped.

A traditional shape for safety and a consummate rigging knife, the Boye Sheepsfoot Folder is perfect for everyday jobs or in white knuckle situations when you're being slammed around on boat.  Indispensable for sea rescue or for first responders when a line or a seat belt needs to be severed quickly. The Sheepsfoot Folder has a blunt tip for minimal risk of accidentally piercing someone with a sharp tip in urgent situations. This knife is easy to carry and deploy and can be opened and closed with either hand. It will cut virtually any line - quickly, cleanly, and safely. It can be used for hours on end and still cut effectively and repeatedly, will never rust in salt water (blade or fittings), and is non magnetic, so it won't affect a compass or electronics. 


The Boye Sheepsfoot Folder was rated #1 Boat Knife by Practical Sailor, top scoring in criteria such as cutting, portability, deployment, magnetic interference, corrosion resistance, and affordability. Not included in this test was the all-important category of long term edge holding. In our opinion, that's one of the essential features of a good boat knife, and that's where Boye Dendritic Cobalt knives really excel.

The Boye Sheepsfoot folder has a 3" blade, is 7" in length overall, and weighs just 2.5 oz.

 The As-Cast Finish

The "field grade" as-cast blade bears the markings of its fiery birth. The blade takes on metal flow lines and the natural grain markings of the porcelain mold, giving it an "organic" look. The irregularities and patterns are superficial and make each knife unique.  The blade is tumble polished and has a smooth-to-the-touch lustre.

 Titanium Marlinspike/Shackle Key/Multitool

The Marlinspike/Shackle Key/Multitool (the "spike") greatly expands the usefulness of the knife.  The flat sides and edge do the work of prying large and small knots open. A round spike can slide sideways, and doesn’t have the same ability to grip and unlock a really tight knot. It also separates strands for splicing, pries up boards, opens and closes shackles, and works hard at the many tasks that the blade should not be called on to do.

The spike lies flat on the handle, doesn't hang up in the pocket, feels smooth against the hand in use, and improves the grip.  It swivels open under finger pressure to a strong anchor stop pin, facing in the correct direction to unscrew shackle keys that are stuck closed. The handle of the knife doubles as the handle of the spike, providing plenty of leverage when the spike is open to maneuver, press into hard knots, or loosen tight shackles. It rotates to a closed position stop pin and stays firmly in place until the next use. 

The spike will pry up to 200 lb (be careful) and can serve as a digging tool when you really need one. The shackle key is a wrench for anything that will fit in it

Read the review of the Boye Sheepsfoot Folder by Practical Sailor


  • Blade and rocker arm made of Boye Dendritic Cobalt
  • Extreme cutting and edge holding; out cuts any steel
  • All parts - blade and fittings - will never rust in salt water
  • Non-magnetic, so won't affect a compass or sensitive electronics, including MRI!
  • Fast sharpening on a soft or medium whetstone
  • Minimalist, lightweight, only 2.5 oz
  • Flat profile eliminates bulges and bulk
  • 3" blade; 4" handle
  • Blade locks open and snaps closed under spring tension
  • Smooth one hand opening and closing with either hand
  • Strong, no slip textured Zytel® handle (fiberglass-filled nylon)
  • Titanium Marlinspike/Shackle key/Multitool 
  • Firm holding forged 2 point titanium pocket clip
  • 100 lb test 304 stainless lanyard loop
  • Indented release bar prevents accidental blade closure
  • Scrape edges on back of blade 
  • Blade can be taken out for cleaning 
  • Quality hand craftsmanship in all stages of fabrication
  • Superior, satisfying functionality from every day carry to challenging expeditions
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Lifetime guarantee for workmanship and materials    

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 "Blown Away"

"We had the opportunity to use the Boye sheepsfoot folder while splicing some line on the foredeck, and we were both just totally blow away at the performance. It is nice to have a low profile, light and versatile tool while also having the level of security the Boye knife provides in the event of an emergency. I am a Boye owner for life!" - Jennifer R.

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