Pointed Tip Folder 2nd - 15% off

Pointed Tip Folder 2nd - 15% off

Boye Knives

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Handle color
Safety Yellow
Denim Blue

The Pointed Tip Folder Seconds are as-cast knives that are discounted because of cosmetic blade irregularities - more pronounced swirls, wavy flow lines, or coarser shell grain impressions from the casting process.  They have a smooth-to-the-touch, tumble polished finish.  

Each second has its own unique markings, and we do not have pictures of the individual knives.

If you decide to buy a Boye second folder, you can be confident that you will be getting the same level of mechanical functioning, outstanding cutting ability, and rust resistance as our firsts.  The seconds carry the same guarantee for workmanship and materials as all of our other knives.

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