Why You Should Bring a Knife When You Go Camping: Part Two

In our last blog we discussed why you should always have a knife with you or in your first aid kit when you go camping. In this entry we will go over some reasons why the knife you take camping or boating should be a Boye Knife. We make our blades by hand out of a special alloy that keeps an edge better than other knives, and has proven time and time again to stay sharp and have the cutting power you need. Pick up one of our blades today for the last knife you’ll ever need.

Ways to Use a Knife While Camping

As we mentioning in our last entry, a good knife has a wide variety of uses that you would expect but what makes a knife an exceptionally useful tool is its ability to do things that you might not think of right away. Below are just a few of the ways a knife can be used in ‘out-of-the-box’ ways.

A knife can be used for clearing brush and other plant life away from your campsite. Sometimes a campsite is almost perfect except for a handful of plants that are right in the area where you were going to pitch your tent or build a fire pit. A knife is great for chopping down and clearing away plants.

A knife can be used to help you prepare and cook food. Whether you need a knife to gut a fish or other game, chop meat or veggies into pieces that will fit into a pot, or as a way of turning a steak on a grill, a knife is an invaluable tool to have when you need to eat.

A knife can help you build a shelter. If you get caught outside due to a storm and you didn’t bring a tent, a knife can help you gather and prepare the materials you will need to build a shelter. A sharp knife can be used to cut saplings and thin branches to help you form the frame and coverings for a shelter and it can be used to notch the limbs so they’ll fit together better before you lash them together with strips of bark or pieces of twine or cord.

A knife can help you make other tools. Without a knife, it is almost impossible to create a fire drill and bow that you can use to ignite the tinder that you made with your knife. If you need to build a splint to help alleviate the strain on a sprained wrist or ankle, you’ll need a knife.

Why You Should Choose A Boye Knife

Boye Knives are made from a proprietary Dendritic Cobalt alloy which means that if you need to navigate by compass, that your knife blade won’t interfere with your readings. If you’re lost, or extremely deep in the wilderness, even a degree or two of movement caused by a magnetized blade can have real consequences. This is also true at sea, which is part of the reason why our knives were originally designed to be used on boats. The importance of a degree or two on open water is just as severe as it is in the woods. These knives also resist corrosion from saltwater which means that no matter where you are, you don’t have to worry about a Boye knife becoming unusable due to rust.

Another useful advantage of the Boye Dendritic Cobalt alloy is the edge that it keeps. Because of the way that the alloy works, hardened carbide crystals are always present at the cutting edge of the blade. These crystals form micro-serrations that keep the edge of the knife sharp for much longer than traditional steel blades. In addition to holding an edge better, our dendritic carbide crystals also offer enhanced penetrative power so your cuts will go deeper faster.   

As you can see, having a good knife isn’t a good idea for a safe camping trip, it’s an absolute necessity. If you’re sick of settling for sub par outdoor or boating knives, shop with Boye Knives today. When you buy from us you’re buying a handmade knife that is designed to work the way you need it to work when you need it.