Why You Need a Boat Knife

Whether you use your boat for weekend excursions or as a tool of your livelihood, you understand just how much there is to remember about your boat at all times. This includes maintenance and registration and insurance and a million other little things. After a while, most of these become second nature where you take care of the day-to-day responsibilities without even thinking about them. This is usually a good thing but certain tools will become less and less effective as they age and since you use them everyday you have learned to compensate for their diminishing effectiveness. A knife is one of those tools that you might notice is either dull or beat up, but you might not. A boat knife is a tool that you just can’t risk being dull or weak because it can have real repercussions.

If you want a boat knife that is going to stay strong and sharp even if you’re using it all the time, get a Boye Knife. We make our blades by hand from dendritic cobalt, a non-magnetizable, highly rust-resistant alloy that holds an edge like no other material. Our blades are designed to keep cutting long past the point that other blades would be borderline useless because we understand just how demanding boat life can be. Read on to find out exactly why you need a good boat knife, and then order an incomparable boat knife from Boye Knives!

A Boat Knife is Necessary for Fishing

Whether you’re a professional fishing guide or a person who just loves spending time out on the water trying to land a trophy fish, you know just how important it is to have a good knife on you while you’re fishing. A knife is necessary for cutting lines, trimming lures, and gutting fish. Trying to perform any of those actions with an old, blunted blade is an exercise in frustration that can sometimes end in injury. Don’t miss your opportunity to lay out the perfect cast to attract your dream fish just because you couldn’t get the old, frayed end of your line cut off in time to attach your lure: pick up a Boye Knife to make sure you’re ready for anything.

You Need a Boat Knife For Sailing

Sailing can only be successful if you have your ropes and sails in order and even then, problems can arise that require a knife. If one of your ropes becomes twisted or knotted, you may need to cut it or somehow untwist it. Luckily, with a Boye folding knife you have the option of cutting a rope or using our handy titanium marlinspike/shackle key. This unsharpened “blade” is incredibly helpful when it comes to getting knots to come apart. When you insert it into a knot it provides space and leverage within the knot that allows you to undo it without having to cut the rope. The marlinspike can also be used as a pry bar. The shackle key means that you won’t have to carry around an extra piece of gear to help you reopen or close shackles that have gotten stuck.

As you can see, the line of boat knives that we make at Boye Knives are designed to handle whatever you can throw at them in harsh conditions. Our handmade blades are perfect for any application you would need them for on a boat, and they work just as well if you’re out camping. Browse our selection today to find the knife that is going to be just right for you. If you have any questions, please contact us. Shop with Boye Knives today!