Signs of a Good Knife

Finding the perfect folding boat knife is often a matter of great debate. Whether you love folding knives that fit in your pocket or you prefer a high-quality single-piece blade with a cord-wrapped handle, it’s entirely up to you. Regardless of your personal preference, there are a few characteristics of a good knife that you should look for when upgrading from your rusted pocket knife.

Great Workmanship

A knife is only as good as the craftsman behind it. When you’re looking for a great blade, look for one with high-quality workmanship. The last thing you want is for your knife to break on you when you’re trying to cut through rigging. Look for a blade that has a strong and sharp edge and has a smooth action when opening and closing the blade. Once the blade is in the locked position, it shouldn’t wiggle excessively in the handle.

Great Grip and Finger Room

The perfect boat knife should fit comfortably in your hand. A handle that’s too small or poorly constructed simply won’t feel nice and can make working with the knife difficult. Look for a grip that’s non-slip and ergonomically designed to make all-day use as comfortable as possible. Our Cobalt Folder the perfect choice for use both on and off the water.

Tip Shape

If you’re planning on using the knife out on the water and in rough conditions, you’ll want to consider the point shape. A pointed tip is a fantastic and versatile knife for use on dry land or in very calm waters, but it can be dangerous to use during rough or stormy conditions. Our Sheepsfoot tip features the same sharp blade you’ve come to expect from Boye Knives, but has a flat, blunt tip. This makes it safe to use even in choppy water and windy conditions.

Corrosion Resistance

A knife won’t do you any good out on the water if the blade or the hinge get rusty. Inferior blades made with low-grade steel often rust after exposure to wet conditions. Boye Knives’ Cobalt blades use high-quality dendritic steel, a 440c stainless steel developed by our founder and master knifemaker, David Boye. This steel is resistant to corrosion, but also allows our blades to hold an edge longer than traditional stainless steel blades.

At Boye Knives, we believe that a good knife is a functional knife. That’s why we only sell knives we’re completely sure meet our high quality standards. Browse our selection today and order the best boat knife you’ll ever own!