Basic Tools You NEED on Your Boat

Anytime you head out on the boat, you should always be prepared for common accidents. Even if you’re only planning on heading out on the water for an hour or two, basic safety equipment is an absolute necessity. However, there are a few more tools you should always keep easily accessible on the water.

A Well-Equipped Toolbox

Just about every fisherman has made the mistake of heading out on the water without a well-equipped toolbox, only to find themselves stranded in the middle of the lake without a functioning motor. While you’ll probably be able to paddle yourself back to the dock, you’ll be better off if you have the basic tools required to fix the motor while you’re out on the water. You won’t need every tool known to man, just a small but well-equipped toolbox complete with wrenches, screwdrivers, and extra drain plugs, just in case.


Sure, your grandfather’s Swiss Army knife may have a place in your heart, but it does not belong on the boat. While it may be a durable and strong tool for hiking in the woods, the stainless steel blade and springs in the mechanism often rust. A good multi-tool from your local boating store will serve you far better out on the water with less risk of corrosion. Best of all, you’ll never have to go hunting for a bottle opener in your tacklebox.


Your cell phone may come with a built-in flashlight, but it won’t do you any good if you run out of battery. Furthermore, the amount of light generated from a cell phone is minimal at best. Leave a high-lumen flashlight on your boat so you’ll always be prepared for a low-light situation. Also be sure to keep a set of spare batteries on board, just in case!

Duct Tape

Duct tape is a handyman’s favorite tool. It can fix just about everything from a broken fishing rod to a cracked oarlock. It can even be used as a temporary patch for minor leaks in your boat. Keep a roll or two with you anytime you’re away from shore.

Extra Fishing Line

How many times have you gone out on the water, landed a catch, and watched in horror as the line snaps? Keeping extra fishing line with your gear and always be prepared to catch that whopper of a bass. This small addition can mean the difference between enjoying the rest of your day on the water or having to return to shore early.

A Quality Knife

Your multi-tool might be sufficient for small cutting jobs, but you should always pack a high-quality boating knife when you head out on the water. A good boating knife will have a longer, sharper blade perfect for performing all kinds of tasks. Best of all, these knives are designed to withstand the corrosive powers of both fresh and saltwater. At Boye Knives, we pride ourselves on creating the highest quality boat knives on the market. Our knives have been crafted to give you:

  • A long-lasting cutting edge
  • A comfortable grip in rough conditions
  • An easy-to-sharpen blade
  • A handmade tool guaranteed to withstand the tests of time

Each knife is made by our founder, David Boye, whose decades of experience have allowed him to hone his craft. We believe that you won’t find a finer boat knife on the market. Browse our selection of handmade boat and outdoor knives and see the difference a quality tool can make on your adventures. If you have questions about our knives or our knife making process, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.