6" Chef's Knife
6" Chef's Knife
6" Chef's Knife

6" Chef's Knife

Boye Knives

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This beautiful handcrafted Boye Dendritic Cobalt 6" chef's knife is comfortable and well balanced - not too light, not too heavy - sure to become the go-to in your kitchen or galley.

You can expect the same exceptional cutting and edge holding performance as all the other Boye knives, and no tarnishing or corrosion, ever. The handle is Arizona Desert Ironwood, chosen for its resistance to drying or darkening with use. Each handle is unique, and may be lighter, darker or have different figuring than the knives pictured.

The interesting pattern in the upper portion of the knife is a magnified image of the microscopic dendritic carbide crystal formations in the blade.  It does not trap food particles or interfere with exceptional cutting in any way.

The knife can be sharpened in less than a minute on an ordinary whetstone and will keep its edge for months in normal kitchen use.

This is a working tool that will satisfy for years, keep its good looks, and make food preparation a real pleasure.  

These chef's knives are made in small batches by David Boye.


Please note:  Dendritic Cobalt is non-magnetic, so this knife cannot be stored on a magnetic knife rack.  

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