25% off Sheepsfoot Folding Knife with Marlinspike - "3rd"

25% off Sheepsfoot Folding Knife with Marlinspike - "3rd"

Boye Knives

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Handle color
Safety Yellow
Denim Blue

During the investment casting process that produces Boye blades, several factors can cause variations on the surface of the finished blade. 

The 25% off Sheepsfoot folder "3rds" blades have cosmetic blade irregularities that are more pronounced than our regular "2nds."  Their surface markings in no way affect the outstanding cutting performance or total corrosion resistance of these knives, and the blades are smooth to the touch.  We put the same artisanal care into making these as all of our other knives.  They are covered by our no-risk, money back guarantee.

Each Boye blade is made in its own individual mold, and no two blades are alike, and we do not have pictures of each one.  The knife shown here is one of our regular "firsts."

The "birthmarks" give the blades their own unique character, and these 25% off Sheepsfoot folders are excellent safety and working tools with amazing cutting capabilities!