Totally Versatile


with dendritic cobalt metallurgy

 • hold a better edge longer

•  won't rust in salt water, ever

•  won't affect a compass

•  seldom needs sharpening and sharpens in seconds

•  have fully bonded carbides with can last for centuries

•  well made by hand in USA

•  moneyback guarantee


The best cutting and edge holding knives in the world with total resistance to salt water corrosion


Buy American


The dendritic cobalt difference

Continuous cutting of tough marine line like Spectra, Dyneema, Technora


A knife for the long term


A Different Kind of Blade

 Will cut rope indefinitely?


Since 1971


100X Cutting Power


Custom tab for Fran


Have a picture link to the book with the words "The book that got modern knife making started"



Saved from the horror of not being able to cut something

This is the best knife in the world for boating.  Why?  Because it has carbide crystals in a cobalt matrix for outrageous cutting power, no rust, ever, and no affect on a compass.





Work...Play...and everything in between

Quality you can depend on

This is a whole new kind of knife

Most advanced personal tool on the planet