Unpublished Pointed Tip users

Equestrian and livestock:

1. Dendritic cobalt edge holding means the knife will remain serviceable (sharp) where many other knives would be useless. Emergency hoof trimming, vetting, rope cutting, or whenever a sharp blade is necessary, this metallurgy pays off!

2. Either hand opening and closing is standard

3. Super strong and light titanium hoof pick gets right in there where you need it. The marlinspike with shackle key was designed for boats, but in an emergency this is a wedging wrench that can turn a small hex nut and also pull a nail out of a hoof, not to mention serving as a mini pry bar to possibly remove a loose shoe

4. Flat design, minimalist size, and two-point titanium pocket clip keeps your knife just where you want it even when mounting and dismounting at a full gallup

A lineman up a pole or a repairer of automobile electronics under a car will be equally glad to have a sharp dendritic cobalt blade deployable with either hand. It is hard to imagine all the ways this tool can be useful on the job.

Warehouse, shipping, and cargo

There is a lot of hard work in a warehouse cutting cardboard and tape, twine and rope, more cardboard. Many people have gotten used to a Boye folder and don’t want to use a razor knife and the whole concept of a throw away knife when you can resharpen the cobalt blade so quickly.


Laborers do the hardest work of all. They are closest to the ground. The entire economy rides on their backs. Mr. Laborer, this light little folder will make your day easier and safer. If things are getting tangled up, or a little too thick, or too rough, or stuck, or has a splinter and now you got it in ya, or maybe you want to carve something or a piece of plastic pipe needs to be cut. This knife is the king!